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The KIDS Helping KIDS
1st Responder Campaign

Organizer's Message

This Campaign is about you – about us. Our families and friends. Our community. Our Nation. Think of things this way. Children with Special Needs share many common behavioral traits with us. Unfortunately, these behavioral traits become impacted by genetic and developmental issues or environmental toxins that warp these normal traits into behavior that becomes pathological to a mild, moderate or extreme degree..

Has anyone accused you of not being able to understand or “read” what someone has just said – or maybe implied? For some children and adults this may be a symptom of high level autism.

Has anyone drawn attention to the fact that you are extraordinarily neat and tidy – maybe too much so? Do you find that you can’t read a book due to the distraction of a fan that others wouldn’t even notice? For some children and adults these may be symptoms of ADD – or attention deficit disorder.

15% of all children in America suffer from this general problem – and carry the diagnosis of “Autism” or “Adult Deficit Disorder” or some other diagnosis.

If these children – who latter become adults – do not get help in early childhood development, or at least early youth, their chance of becoming independent adults tends to be very, very dim.

Those that do not become independent, must forever live with parents or relatives – or become awarded to various community, state or national programs that are supported by your tax dollars.

It has been determined that $1.00 spent on children’s programs, such as the dance program at the Dorothy Jayne Studio, is worth as $10-20 latter on trying to help them as adults.

By becoming a “1st Responder”, you will join with many others in supporting Dance Movement Therapy or dance lessons with therapeutic effect. These are some of many programs that have been shown to have proven value in helping children with special needs to become independent or partially independent – or at least more independent than they would be otherwise without this intervention.

Raising funds to support programs - even one as important as this one - is always challenging.

However, the leadership, commitment and enthusiasm from members of Everett High School, Glacier Peak High School and Lake Stevens High School has recognized that one of the most important aspects of this Campaign is that of Education.

If a prospective donor understands that children with special needs often have pathologically exaggerated idosyncrasies or behavioral faults common to all of us, it is easier for them to better empathize with the children in this program and be willing to make a donation.

People naturally want to help other people – once they understand the problem.

So this Campaign or Message is really just trying to help you focus upon the issues and problems of Children with Special Needs – because we feel that if you can identify and feel a ‘common bond’ with some of their issues and problems – and understand the financial implications - your heart will reach out to them.

We are grateful to Chief Travis Hots and the firefighters of the Getchell Fire Station 21, for truly being “1st Responders” in stimulating other firefighters - as well as other community members - to join the Dance Program for Children with Special Needs at the Dorothy Jayne Studio.

We are also grateful for the input from Catherine Gallo M.D., founder of the annual fund raising auction at Bridgeway House for Autistic Children in Eugene, Oregon for encouraging the creation of this Campaign..

Lastly, we are also excited that Joanne Lara, National and International authority about  Autism Movement Therapy from Los Angeles supports the merits of this dance program for children with special needs at the Dorothy Jayne Studio – and it's Director, Alexey Gavrilov.

Join with many others and become a “1st Responder”.

Please make a minimum donation of $15 to the Dorothy Jayne Foundation.

All funds go directly from the DJF to the program, and especially the teaching staff.

Feel great about what you have done for these kids.

Tell others.

Thank you!

The Organizers:
Macy Berg; Student; Lake Stevens High School
Dana Brager; Student; James Dean; Principal; Glacier Peak High School
Susanna Komp: Student; Commander Richard Gile USN Ret; Everett High School
Alexey Gavrilov; Director; Dance Program for Special Needs Children; Dorothy Jayne Studio
Olga Foraponova Wright; Director, Dorothy Jayne Studio
Christie Tipton; Director; Providence Regional Medical Center Children’s Program
Sanford Wright Jr. M.D; Founder of Kids helping Kids 1st Responder Program/Campaign .





    Fire Chief  Travis Hots

  Snohomish County Fire District #21






5th generation Snohomish County resident; 2nd generation firefigther
1st responder and leader supported by the Arlington Rural Firefighters and many others in the response to the deadly Snohomish County mud slide at Oso, Saturday, March 22, 2014; 10:37am. NOTE: Prior to the 1st Response at Oso, Hot’s firefighters had already established themselves as community 1st responders to the Dance Program for Children with Special Needs at the Dorothy Jayne Studio.








            Joanne  Lara

 Autism Movement Therapy





“Programs like Joanne’s Autism Movement Therapy
offer opportunities for our kids to develop the necessary
and fundamental skills that benefit all our kids. Art saved
my life!. - Temple Grandin PhD*.

*Born severely autistic with “brain damage” and teased
by other kids, Grandin earned a masters degree and later
a doctors degree in animal science.

In 2010 HBO released an Emmy Award winning film on Grandin’s life






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